I thought it appropriate to begin a dedicated page of the atrocities I’ve so often come across in my time as an electronics technician and enthusiast to which I can periodically add to. I must have hundreds of pictures, but to work through them all will more than likely take a complete year worth of Covid-19 lock down. As it is the past few weeks of lock down have been good for new ideas and pages for this site. Keep an eye on this one. It’s bound to get interesting to say the least!

A broken electronic cross over after someone ‘had a go at it’ Note the messy solder work.

A nicely working (and factory looking) refinished product to be proud of once more

We are often authorized to perform factory upgrades, fault finding and repairs on very expensive high-end products on site

NAD 3030 recently repaired with an authentic set of NOS Motorola transistors from 1979. Full recap options are also available. We only use quality components. High-end replacements are also available, but often lead times to obtain parts can be longer especially now during Covid-19.
Cartridge tags prepared to perfection
Duelund coupling upgrade on a very expensive preamp. Note the quality factory quality installation and wire bends. Caps are supported with a special vibration damping material. If work doesn’t look like this its not worth doing .
Better than factory finish repainted amplifier top cover.