Trade Factor

For the past three years we have been working very closely with this very affluent industry colleague in building a multimedia system and man-cave room second to none. We collaborated with the most respected electronics importers and distributors in our country to achieve combined sonic and visual results never before achieved in South-Africa. Every element of this room and system has been chosen, tweaked and fine-tuned to achieve the best of what is available internationally. Not a single stone have been left upturned in our search for the last ounce of performance, integration, atmosphere, engagement and excitement in this ultimate entertainment room of rooms. If the best is what you want, we will deliver. Come see and be blown away.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Stereo Music Reproduction
  • Ultimate Home Cinema Surround Sound
  • Automation of all electronic elements
  • Custom Controlled lighting
  • Ultimate Gaming
  • Ultimate Security Integration
  • Enterprise level Networking
  • Custom built Computing hardware
  • Enterprise level Electrical Supply

Key Performance Enhancement features:

  • Dedicated, shielded and isolated mains lines all the way from substation to outlets
  • Fused trip switches in dedicated room db isolated from the main house
  • Mains isolated enterprise level dedicated Local Area Network
  • Three passive mains conditioners
  • Ultra high quality outlets and connectors throughout
  • Completely silent inverter air conditioning also mains isolated
  • Dedicated i7 NUC running only Roon Core OS for MQA music streaming
  • All switch mode PSU’s on a dedicated isolated mains conditioner
  • All cables and interconnects custom made and supplied by Knut Skogrand
  • Every unit decoupled to the highest possible degree
  • Strategic acoustic treatments backed by advanced analysis
  • Unrivaled world class audio components selected from each individual discipline

System Components:

  • Avantgarde Duo XD (main loudspeakers)
  • dCS Vivaldi model ONE (1 of 1 in South-Africa)
  • dCS Vivaldi Master Clock
  • Gryphon Pandora Preamp with phono stage
  • Gryphon Antileon Power amplifier (main speakers)
  • Jeff Rowland Model 825 Power amplifier (center speaker)
  • Jeff Rowland Model 625 Power amplifier (side effects speakers)
  • 3 x Anthem Power amps (Atmos & surround back speakers)
  • Anthem Surround Sound processor
  • B&W HTM1 800 Series loudspeaker (center)
  • 2 x SVS SB16-Ultra subwoofers
  • 2 x SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofers
  • Paradigm Persona 5F loudspeakers (side effects)
  • Paradigm Persona 3F loudspeakers (rear surrounds)
  • AudioQuest Niagra 5000 power conditioner
  • 2 x PS Audio passive mains filter outlet units
  • Furutech GTX mains outlets
  • Skogrand Stravinsky, Beethoven & Rachmaninov cables
  • Epson EH-TW9400 projector