Eggleston-Works “Ivy” loudspeaker system

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Mike Blake, the South-African distributor for Eggleston-Works loudspeakers recently invited me to come and audition their gigantic range topping model called the Ivy. I could not refuse such opportunity with intimate knowledge of what the smaller Savoy Signature sounds like. The Savoy is one model down from the Ivy and part of a select few loudspeakers I have on my bucket list to privately own. It’s sound is majestically scaled to resemble real life. It is further more as open as the best electrostatic designs with speed and tonal accuracy to match.

The Ivy however improves upon every single strength the Savoy holds. It paints stereo images of breathtaking proportion. To hear such superb presence at such extreme proportions is an eye opening experience. Everything else is simply left wanting.

The Ivy has it’s origins as a collaboration between William Eggleston and mastering ace, Bob Ludwig who commissioned the design and construction of the world’s ultimate transducer. The design brief highlighted the aim that this loudspeaker should be the most faithful transducer to review large scale live acoustic music-program on. Hearing a well recorded piece of full orchestra through the Ivy makes for a convincing argument that Hi-Fi can indeed reproduce the scale of such a large original event. William and Bob succeeded gracefully. The very 1st pair with Serial no. 001 takes pride of place in Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering suite.

For those interested in one of the very best loudspeakers on the market today, please contact us regarding the models Ivy, Savoy Signature and Andra III. We can arrange demonstration of the Savoy Signature in one of Cape Town’s very best sounding systems comprising of all Audio Research Reference electronics including the 40th Anniversary Reference preamplifier and mono block power amplifiers.

Prices subject to exchange. Please enquire.

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  1. Phillip Dlamini 01/11/2020 at 9:59 am · Reply

    Compliments of the new year. I was surfing your website as I enjoy doing so as is one of a well structured website I must say. I came across the article you wrote about Egglestoneworks Ivy speakers. Great review. I own Egglestoneworks Emma. That is what I can afford unfortunately. Lol. My components consists of the following components:
    Ayre CX-7 Compact disc player
    Audio Research Reference Two Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
    Cary Audio SA 200.2 ES Power Amplifier, and
    Egglestoneworks Emma speakers. I also have Cary Audio Design SLP03 Preamplifier.

    I am concerned about the synergy. I am not sure whether my components are compatible. The Cary power amplifier and audio research preamplifier. Cables, I am using entry level Audioquest Red River and diamondback. Both are balanced.

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