One of the world’s most striking loudspeakers ever developed, the Nautilus by Bowers & Wilkins, symbolizes the epitome of the strife for perfectly reproduced sound. We have been working with this client for many years consistently honing precision sound in a close monitor setting.

After having tried Classe amplification in this setup we preferred settling on McIntosh amplifiers which proved an unmatched combination with the very revealing Nautilus. We installed the very first set of MC611 mono blocks imported to South-Africa in this system. Control over the bass improved dramatically.

Rated by many as the best speaker system in the world, the Nautilus can certainly lay claim to this prestigious crown. North of one million there are other options available, but very few can tick as many boxes as the Nautilus. Striking good looks combined with revolutionary refinement and genuine reference quality sound is but a few aspects that make the Nautilus so unique. The way these disappear and project their sound is quite remarkable. They create a wraparound image of the music allowing normal stereo recordings to come alive similar to a Q-Sound recording on a less extraordinary system. I’m in love.