Paradigm Persona 7F

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It’s been a while since I’ve been as excited about a new loudspeaker range such as the Paradigm Personas. When I learnt of their Beryllium midrange and tweeter drivers, my expectations raised a good few notches. All too many high-end loudspeaker manufacturers these days revert to outsourced drivers which just aren’t the same as a driver lineup designed and built in-house to meet specific design goals.

Beryllium is a super lightweight material with superior rigidity and strength. These and other factors make it an almost obvious choice for speaker drivers provided the economic scope of the overall design can accommodate the high manufacturing costs associated with it.

The model 7F retails for a hefty $25000US which puts it in some sophisticated company, but after auditioning them I’m of the opinion the Persona 7F is a must audition even if the budget is double the asking price.

What struck me sonically was their seamless integration from as low as the upper bass (deep bass was still a little weak due to the speakers only having had twenty hours of play in time on them) all the way through into the treble. They sounded nearly as fast, clean and coloration free as a really good electrostatic such as my own Audio Exklusiv P3.1’s or the famous Acoustat of old.

I instantly liked what the Persona’s was presenting into the room. They image holographical in a spontaneous way and dynamically they are up there with the best.

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