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October month is undoubtedly turning out to be the most exciting month of the year thus far. Highlight after highlight has been surprising us since the beginning of the month that kicked off with the arrival of our much anticipated Wilson Audio Specialties “Sophia” loudspeakers. Although they are also available in vibrant colors such as “Fly Yellow” (pictured), our set in Piano black reflects a more conservative perspective. Despite us not having had much time to experiment with the finer aspects of placement, I’m happy to report hearing the mystical potential these unique loudspeakers have become famous for. Over the next few months I will continue to update my intimate hands-on experiences with Miss Sophia as we’ll be unraveling the complexities of her highly advanced armor.

The second weekend in October saw us touring down to George, more specifically Oubaai and the lovely Hyatt Regency resort chosen for the local re-launch of the Sonus Faber loudspeaker range now represented by a new distributor. The event itself was of world class standard with a beautiful exhibition of key models identified for the local market. Our ears were treated to the exquisite sounds of a master-class audio system that impressed with its ability to fill a huge venue with impressive sonic scale and liveliness, both of which are aspects those who know me well will know I value highly. The D’Agostino Momentum amplifiers deserve some special mention here because of the way in which they delivered the cleanest power and exercised incredible loudspeaker control right up to the limits of their indicated power scale.

As mentioned about three weeks ago, our Widealab Aurender S10 music-server-transport finally arrived and after some valuable training by the local distributor I am now ready to contribute a sharpened effort to the demise of the compact-disc. The Aurender with iTunes-ripped AIFF music files is not only the most charming playback device I’ve yet used, but also the best digital playback transport I’ve ever had in my reference system. I prefer its sound to my trusted and professionally re-clocked Wadia 8 CD-transport which is saying a lot. If the thought of trying-out computer audio ever occurred, stop wherever it is you are finding yourself in the process. It is a non-starter in the presence of devices like the Aurender S10. My demo sample is not leaving here again…

With the Aurender’s arrival we also ordered another cutting edge company’s complimentary products to gain more valuable hands-on experience. Transparent Audio’s cables and power distribution units are legendary industry stalwarts. We now have their latest and highly respected Powerlink Reference power cords as well as the superb value for money Powerlink Plus cords selling for an affordable R2390. The star of the show in our book however is their premium AES/EBU 110ohm balanced digital interconnect. It transformed the sound of our Wadia 8 CD-Transport and blasted the Aurender’s performance into the stratosphere!

Next month we’ll report on the arrival of the highly regarded 2012 B&W 805Diamond loudspeakers and how their higher ranges compare to our favorite 802/800 models in the range.

We will also be sharing some experiences from extensive recent business trips to clients all over the Western-, Eastern- and Northern-Cape regions where some new cutting-edge components have again been commissioned by us for the first time in South-Africa . We pride ourselves in hands-on personal service which is an approach to the luxury-audio-system-market we’ve been following and not deviated from since the early 1990’s.

Happy Listening!

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