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Those of you who visit our website regularly will perhaps remember the brief appearance of an article I’ve written about our findings on the FLAC codec and its effects on native resolution files and rips of regular music CD’s. What we had to say obviously alarmed someone to the extent that they deemed it necessary to hack our site in protest! Needless to say we were forced to remove the article despite its content being of valuable interest to audiophiles seeking the best solutions for digital audio storage.

Interestingly these beautiful NAD Master Series Digital components make provision for playback of every conceivable digital format or codec and although the initial preferred ripping method included storing in FLAC format, we are most delighted in NAD’s announcement of now also providing for ripping to WAV with suitable custom provision for Metadata. We’ve simply found from our private testing that the best sounding rips are the native ones in WAV or AIFF form where zero compression or aditional processing takes place.

The difficulty with ripping to WAV is that Metadata identification is not a native component of the ripping process meaning more creative ways has to be found within the storage medium to accurately attach identification cues to ripped files. Metadata does exactly this and we’re very excited to have learnt of NAD’s efforts to seamlessly integrate Metadata with their WAV file ripping process.
Within the following weeks we will be installing the full NAD Master Series Digital Suite consisting of M50 Network player/ripper, highly acclaimed M51 Direct Digital DAC/preamp as well as the matching ultra-quiet M52 Digital Vault as part of our permanent display of cutting edge digital audio storage technology for the audiophile.
Unlike most other offerings, NAD promotes the idea of high resolution audiophile downloads more aggressively. The entire Master Series Digital Suite is thus geared toward seamless and effortless downloads of high-res audio in 24Bit resolution directly from the websites offering such products and by simply utilizing the intuitive iPad app to accomplish the entire process. Nowhere in the process is the need for a computer necessary.

We’re looking forward to report on our in-depth listening sessions in weeks to come. Of course hearing these exciting products as part of our extensive reference system including Audio Research vacuum tube amplifiers driving Wilson Audio loudspeakers is open to anyone interested provided prior arrangement has been made.

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