Munich High-End 2014

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MOC Leander (800x790)

Munich High-End 2014 exceeded all expectation and perhaps even conquered some of my wildest Hi-Fi dreams. My first visit to this hyper trade show of note will be fondly remembered for many years to come. The sheer bulk of the show and the expanse of the exhibitions were nothing short of overwhelming. Anything and everything related to high-end audio presented themselves at the MOC (Munich Convention Centre) in ways and means of perfection and attention to detail unlike ever seen before. Most refreshing was to see and experience the sheer level of interest from the public many of which traveled from far across the globe to be in attendance nearly eighteen thousand men and women strong. High-End Audio is undoubtedly alive and well. Munich 2014 is undeniable proof!

MOC High End Hall (800x600)


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