Martin Logan Service

We do servicing of dull sounding Martin-Logan ESL panels. Some believe that vacuuming is the appropriate method, but we have experienced much better decontamination results through washing (soaking) them in mildly heated deionized distilled water. The see through character of the membranes return to previous sparkling glory and needless to say the sound often improves quite dramatically as the membranes are freed up to allow for freedom of movement.

Martin Logan ESL panels drying off naturally after deep cleaning process

In the video below we are testing a fully serviced and reassembled pair of Prodigy loudspeakers. Even with the iPhone’s builtin microphone the remarkable speech intelligibility of the ESL panels are evident.

Many moons ago this stunning pair of SL3 speakers received a major overhaul. Stats have been decontaminated and side panels refinished in a shade of cherry red.