Listening to the magnificent Magico Q7

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Magico Q7

It’s been quite a while since one particular loudspeaker manufacturer made such universal impact on the international high-end market as did the company Magico. Even more impressive is the fact that Magico is creating a stir not only with its massive Q7, but their entire range of new loudspeakers.

Magico Q3 sketchAs flagship range Magico is offering the Q-Series starting with a modest stand-mount (bookshelf-design in old-school) called the Q1. The Q1 is followed through with floor standing models in the form of Q3, Q5 and Q7. The Q-series are all made of extruded aluminium panels bolted together in a way not dissimilar to the Meccano model sets we played with when we were kids. In this respect Magico are undoubtedly the pioneers of aluminium cabinet technology employed in loudspeaker-design. Aluminium has several properties making it the ideal platform for the ultimate in loudspeaker design.

Speaking of ultimate, I fondly recall an interesting article by Robert Harley that appeared in The Absolute Sound magazine a few years ago after he visited a famous American audiophile who at the time commissioned Magico’s Alon Wolf to design and construct for him the ultimate of super-league loudspeakers. This uber-anything loudspeaker was named the Magico “Ultimate” and consisted of extruded aluminium panels of extraordinary proportions welded together to form the mouth-piece of a gigantic horn-loaded driver that had the ability to play deep into the mid-bass region. Those of us familiar with horn technology will know that to get decent bass from these designs requires a horn of gigantic proportions. Magico’s Ultimate consisted of a total of four horn loaded drivers per side augmented by a conventional cone-driver sub-bass system that despite its substantial fifteen inch driver looked dwarfed in the presence of especially the upper bass horn towering above the rest of the speaker. I recall Robert Harley having written that hearing the Beatles perform through the Ultimate’s made for an experience he termed “spooky” so close it was to physical performers in the room with them. The article’s heading named the Magico Ultimate the “Bugatti Veyron of Hi-Fi”. I cannot recall any speaker ever having been compared to the might of the Veyron!

Magico Ultimate (2)Having recently spent a day in the presence of the massive Q7, I can state with absolute confidence that it is the ultimate loudspeaker I have yet laid ears on. The experience reminded me of listening to anything but a speaker system driven by solid state amplifiers. The entire performance floated free and with a degree of delicate perfection only reserved for the live performances my wife and I are accustomed to hearing on regular basis. Living in Stellenbosch has its perks and one of them is the intimacy of the highly acclaimed Endler Hall just around the corner from us.

The qualities of the Magico Q-series cabinets are of such acoustically inert solidity that there remains nothing producing sound of any kind but their magnificent Nano-Tec drivers. These produce the kind of tonal integration and purity we’ve come to expect almost exclusively from the very best electrostatic designs. The drivers themselves are manufactured entirely in-house by Magico and the designs thereof are patented. In my book this point alone is worthy of investing in a pair knowing that not only the cabinets are unique statements of ultra modern design.

CelestialSounds is proud to announce its representation of Magico Loudpseakers in the Western Cape. We will have a pair of the highly acclaimed Q3 in our setup as part of the only permanent high-end demonstration facility of these loudspeakers in Cape Town.

Magico Q5 Frame

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