Linn Sondek Service

Our experience with LINN turntables stretches over several decades from the days when my late father, Gerhard van Rooyen, together with Lemmy David distributed Linn Sondek record players in South-Africa from as far back as the late 1970’s even before the time of the availability of Linn tone arms. We can perform any upgrade to any Linn record player old or brand new. We are authorized and recommended by Linn UK to perform LP-12 setups and factory upgrades. Parts supply is limited and is prepaid order specific with a lead time of four to five weeks  

Linn Valhalla PSU & motor

An aging Valhalla power supply is the most common yet rewarding part of legacy Sondek record players to be given attention. Replacement of the power supply reservoir capacitors and a small upgrade to the bridge rectifier restores strong motor control and speed accuracy. We perform these on regular basis.

This is an early 1980’s Sondek that I rebuilt back in 2010

The infamous “Linn Bounce” is the one single most important element of Linn Sondek LP12 setup and more often than not found to be incorrect. A vital part of obtaining the ‘correct’ bounce is the appropriate dressing of the tonearm cable which becomes a tedious task when aftermarket tonearm cables have been fitted. On older Linns a new set of suspension grommets and springs goes a long way to restore factory ‘bounce’

Correct ‘bounce’ after careful setup