Gryphon Ethos CD/DAC

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Since successful sales of both their top-of-the-range power amplifiers namely Mephisto and Antileon Evo II as well as matching Pandora preamplifiers to our well heeled clients, we have gained an enormous amount of respect for Gryphon as a brand of absolute merit. Here is a product that does arguably cost a lot of money, but unlike some others are worth every penny laid out for them. Sound and performance is simply breathtaking and since we’ve had the privilege of exposure to their brand new Ethos CD player with digital inputs our admiration for Gryphon just grew exponentially.

The sleek lines, low profile and stylish blend of metalwork and high-gloss acrylic in the exterior design of the Ethos CD player can only begin to hint at the sophisticated technology concealed within as Gryphon Audio Designs again took up the challenge to create the definitive combination of CD transport and digital-to-analogue converter.

Gryphon Audio Designs have stood for major innovations throughout the digital era with an acclaimed series of CD players that, perhaps more than most, deserve to be described as integrated disc transports and digital to analogue converters.

In the once crowded, but now nearly vacant field of CD player design, the Gryphon story began with their very first digital source component at the close of the previous millennium. In 1998, The Gryphon CDP-1 CD player introduced the world to the sonic improvements offered by 88.2 kHz asynchronous sample rate conversion or upsampling as it is commonly known, the world’s first implementation of this advanced technology, now common ground in digital audio.

Never willing to rest on their laurels, the Gryphon Adagio, successor to the CDP-1, was launched in 2001, taking digital musicality to the next level with asynchronous 24-bit/96 kHz upsampling. After further refinement of this technology in the Gryphon Mikado, released in 2003, the implementation of 32-bit/192 kHz sample rate conversion in the acclaimed Gryphon Mikado Signature represented another giant leap forward, once again breaking new ground and laying out a path for most others to follow.

The first Gryphon separate digital-to-analogue converter, Kalliope, was universally praised in the world audio press.
“Kalliope reproduces music in all its harmonic richness, giving free rein to voices and instruments, well differentiated with a fluidity that is exemplary.” Haute Fidelité, March 2015.

The Gryphon Ethos remains faithful to the brand’s signature sound of great musical distinction, achieving a veritable musical alchemy with fast transient response and consistent tonal accuracy, regardless of the selected listening level. Perfect harmony alongside often contradictory parameters such as fluid handling of melody and rock-solid positioning of the stereo image is extremely rare, making the Gryphon Ethos an even more remarkable accomplishment, as manufacturers surrender to uninformed consumer pressure to deliver all-in-one “universal” audio and video disc playback.

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