Furutech AG-12 Tonearm Cable

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I’ve tried a few tone arm cables in my time with the venerable LINN Sondek LP-12 turntable. It is one of those upgrades that, provided the table is in a good state of tune, brings forth amazing advances in all audiophile parameters associated with reference quality sound.

I however particularly value the AG12’s neutrality which allows one to form a clear opinion of whatever it is the cartridge is doing. This is quite important in my line of business having to make recommendations to critical listeners. There are other very expensive cables out there of which I happen to have had the extensive use of that suit a particular cartridge better than others. It’s great in the moment, but reality usually kicks in sooner than later come cartridge replacement time when you suddenly find the greater majority of cartridges strangely sounding too dull and lifeless.

The Furutech AG12 tonearm cable restored equilibrium to my analogue rig. It is equally suitable to the lovely little (old) LINN Asaka as it is to the critically acclaimed new Shelter range of cartridges costing ten to fifteen times as much. The AG12 allows its balance and poise to gracefully reconstruct every last once of delicacy from the grooves provided the partnering cartridge does not have gross abnormalities within its frequency response to begin with.

With both the Asaka and Shelter 7000 I experience greater resolving power than ever before. I simply hear deeper into the sonic playing field than I thought was possible with the LINN turntable. Notably the resolution centers from within it’s ability to open up the body of the midrange and extending it’s incredible clarity outward to the frequency extremes. The Furutech establishes the sense that the musical taps are wide open allowing music to flow freely without obstruction or filtering.

Apart from the highly valued openness, it is also quick responding to leading edge transients making for a deliciously dynamic and musically truthful presentation. Harmonic richness is there in spades, yet all handled with articulation and speed. The Furutech however never adds artificial hype, yet makes clear distinction between direct sounds and their reflections or decays. I get a better sense of rhythm and timing within well known pieces of music too as the cable presents what is there in a pristine, highly advanced and delicately refined manner.

Construction and build quality of the AG-12 is world class as has become the established norm with all Furutech products. Plugging it’s proprietary ninety degree SME-style din socket into my LINN tone arm produces a secure thump again aiding in it’s quality feel as it seats securely in position. I cannot believe all this quality and impressive sound for a mere R6300. This cable belongs on the top shelf with AudioQuests like Colorado, Niagara and Sky. In my book, I would 1st buy this cable before considering a more upmarket cartridge. But if you already have a nice cartridge, be prepared to be amazed. This thing works!

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