Electrical Supply Upgrades

We believe the holy grail to heavenly sound is the dedicated high current mains spur. Isolation from noise inducing appliances in the home yields appreciable improvements of all aspects related to audiophile quality reproduced sound. 

It is not system dependent either. Much of what this essential element has to offer could be enjoyed in the most basic of well setup stereo systems, new or vintage. 

Hi-Fi Tuning fuses is available on a prepaid order basis – Prices vary from $15US to $50US

Furutech dual outlet with a custom made wall plate made for a client

Superior wall outlets complete the efforts of installing a dedicated high current mains line. High quality contact materials and surfaces improve transmission of electrical current thereby allowing for quieter life blood entering power supplies and subsequent delicate audio circuits.

Rear panel layout of the Furutech Daytona 303 Power conditioner / distributor unit

Another very worthwhile element in the vital electrical supply chain to delicate audio components is a high quality mains filter protection unit. Load shedding is proving very damaging to the power supplies in sensitive audio gear and in subsequent times I’ve seen several units coming in with damaged transformers or more complicated issues as a result of what can only be unwanted surges or irregularities in the supply from Eskom. Two of my own room’s power conditioners are often tripped out after a round of load shedding which is telling me those units are doing what they are supposed to and this is to provide a barrier between for my components.

High quality connectors on the ends of your power cords make a nice contribution in higher resolution systems capable of transparent sound.

We carry Furutech plugs in stock