Def Leppard – Hysteria LP (Impression)

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Funny how music evenings usually end with the stuff we liked playing when we were kids. To me this reflects the essence of what the enjoyment of good Hi-Fi and music is all about. High-end Hi-Fi is about the music and the memories we associate with that music. How do you put a value to the spontaneous way these songs can transport us back to a time and place where its experiences anchored a date-stamp into the time lines of our souls?

Def Leppard’s Hysteria does this for me and a whole bunch of my friends with whom we experienced this landmark album when we were back in high-school. The riffs are captivating, the beats explosive and the lyrics reflective of a teenage mind’s wildest fantasies. Nearly twenty-five years on, Hysteria still makes the heart beat faster and never fails to rewind the clock during precious moments of indulgence.

On the original UK-pressed vinyl LP, Hysteria springs to life in an unadulterated wave of excitement as every detail so pristinely engineered into the album’s production projects in 3D realism onto a canvas of make-believe stretching the entire width of the 9,5m wall behind my speakers. With the vinyl’s enhanced ‘HD’ detail and expanded soundstage, its like hearing Hysteria for the 1st time and pulls into stark contrast the cropped facsimile the CD version was.

Hysteria’s vinyl release will make believers of the most die-hard of the digital brigade. It is one of those prime examples that clearly shows up what CD can never get right, no matter how hard they keep trying. CD is after-all a data-compressed/reduced medium with considerably less information than originally captured in the studio. That compression shows in the way vinyl’s larger than life wall of sound seems to shrink to insignificance on the CD.

If you ever wondered what it is that is fueling the vinyl revival, you only need to hear on a good turntable and system this and other similar landmark albums of its time. You’ll be converted and you won’t be sorry!

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