Conrad-Johnson’s 40th Anniversary ART300 amplifiers

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Every time in recent years Conrad-Johnson released an evolutionary new statement product, those in the know are alerted. In this particular case the new 40th anniversary ART300 amplifiers are the team of Bill Conrad, Jeff Fischel and Lew Johnson’s first attempt at an amplifier design incorporating the impressive new Tungsol KT-150 output valves

Make no mistake. These new 40th Anniversary ART300 mono-block amplifiers aren’t the CJ’s of old. Forget the Premier 8 and 12 models, the latter I’ve owned and adored for a good few years. Not even the original CJ ART amplifiers so highly acclaimed comes close. The ART300’s are a totally different beast and in more ways than one, quite evolutionary (in the same sense as that of Conrad-Johnson’s progression from the ART Series 3 preamp to the GAT, both of which I’ve come to know intimately. The new ART300s are very, very special amplifiers and according to those familiar with reference valve amp sound, set new benchmarks for sonic reproduction in several areas. Needless to mention they make a perfect match, with the latest GAT Series 2 preamplifier.

We are proud to have on offer and available for personal assessment the ART300’s in our demo facility together with the GAT preamp, CJ phono stage and superior digital sources from Gryphon and dCS.

Try this on for size, or see where else in South-Africa (especially in these challenging times) you get to see and hear this majestic combination to its full potential.

Please feel free to contact Leander on 082 088 6688 or 021 883 2681 for a personalized introduction and audition. Email:

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