Conrad Johnson ART-3 Service

Over the years we’ve gained a great amount of experience on Conrad Johnson products especially so because of the ongoing development work we performed on my personal Premier 16 line stage dubbed the Baby ART. These legacy products produce an engaging sound with an especially tasty fleshed out character.

Recently this wonderful unit blew two mosfet power supply regulators and of course this signaled an opportunity to observe the improvements in design and execution thereof compared to previous generations such as my personal Premier 16. To say the least, the ART3 is a completely different animal to what I was used to seeing inside these superb products.

Replacing the mosfets were straight forward and the unit functioned perfectly afterwards. We however also performed some preventative maintenance by replacing the working items in the other chassis as well.

Even with spoken voice the clarity and superbly clean presentation can be heard through my elementary workshop monitoring system.

Somewhat alarming is that we fount some really shoddy workmanship around the superior valve sockets and shunt capacitor wiring on both of the two chassis. The mounting points for the wiring also differed and although not critical, we feel it is vital that both channels are exactly similar to the last little detail.

Really dirty looking situation
Notice the improvement and general cleanup. We re-soldered the valve sockets with Cardas Silver Solder and refitted the erroneous channel’s wiring to the factory correct positions ob the other chassis
More messy wiring and soldering.
Example of our typically healthy OCD workmanship. Units of this caliber is absolutely worthy of best quality work.