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“You can now hear the world’s best cables in your system in SA!”

Audio Exklusiv Electrostatic Loudspeakers

11/04/2016, No comments

Read all about it here: The Audio Exklusiv P3.1 full electrostatic loudspeaker in Cape Town, South-Africa. For as long as I can remember electrostatic ...

Listening to the magnificent Magico Q7

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It’s been quite a while since one particular loudspeaker manufacturer made such universal impact on the international high-end market as did the com ...

Audio Desk Systeme Gläss

09/16/2012, 1 Comment

We’re very pleased to announce our authorized dealership of the very best vinyl cleaner ever made. The Audio Desk Systeme Gläss represents the ...

  • Eggleston-Works “Ivy” loudspeaker system
    03/01/2012, 1 Comment

    Mike Blake, the South-African distributor for Eggleston-Works loudspeakers recently invited me to come and audition their gigantic range topping model called the Ivy. I could not refuse such opportunity with […]