B&W 800 Series Service

B&W 800 Diamond Series II
  • We are authorized B&W loudspeaker repair agents
  • We specialize in the delicate processes of driver replacements
  • We also perform cross-over component repairs.
  • Diamond tweeter diaphragms require a steady hand and specialized tools to perform OEM quality repairs.
  • Diamond tweeter cannot be repaired.
  • Once shattered, replacement is the only option.
  • Repair cost north of R16,000-00 excluding labor.
Shattered Diamond diaphragm
B&W 805 Diamond Series II
New Diamond Tweeter Installed
Grill back in place
North of R16,000 excl. Labour to fit

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures when I flew to George to go and perform this even more delicate repair on the super expensive B&W Nautilus. One bump and these domes are dented permanently. Can’t say I was at easy when I performed this job. The upper midrange driver is north of R24,000.

New Nautilus dome about to go back in

Don’t arrive without being armed with a 2mm allen key!
Close inspection of a 802 Diamond Series II cross-over
Rare to see this superior quality components in mass produced products