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CelestialSounds is proud to announce it’s association with Bluesound in South-Africa, an award-winning wireless hi-res sound system that lets you play music in any and every room throughout your home. Choose music from your favorite streaming service or from a music library connected to your home network. Control where, at what volume, and when music plays with a free and amazingly intuitive BluOS app for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Getting the kind of crisp and detailed sound that only an audiophile-grade system can deliver has never been easier. That’s Living HiFi made easier than ever before.

Completely wireless Home Audio and Theater

Checkout what BlueSound can do for your home and lifestyle

Right out of the box BlueSound uses your home wireless network and sets up quickly. Simply open the BluOS Controller app on your mobile device and follow the short setup instructions. While inside the app users can adjust their listening settings, program presets for their favorite radio stations, music streaming services and playlists, and even set alarms. Once the your BlueSound devices are online connectivity stays rock-solid thanks to a new dual band Wi-Fi engine.

Node 2i Version 2 and Power Node 2i V2 are our favorite products from BlueSound. Breathe new life into your stagnant or redundant, but often superior stereo Hi-Fi systems of years gone by simply by adding one of these two units. Now you can enjoy that great sound from for instance your old NAD 3020 amplifier from your student years or great pair of loudspeakers with the benefit of remote control, superior sound and all the music you’ve ever dreamed of right at your fingertips.

Traditionally CelestialSounds have not been into soundbars. That was up until we’ve experienced and started installing the BlueSound Wireless Soundbar for clients. This is as good as a decent hi-fi system consisting of expensive separate components all in one elegant box sitting below your widescreen TV. Astonishing Sound from multiple amplifiers and drivers all snugly fitted into one elegant design.

Node 2i Quick Guide

Node 2i Owner’s Manual

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