Avantgarde Trio with Basshorn XD

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This year’s highlight may as well have been an early Christmas present. Such was the excitement and awe of being treated to an exclusive demonstration of one of the industry’s most illustrious loudspeakers, the Avantgarde Trio three way horn speaker system with its matching triple stack active Basshorn XD subwoofers.

At the yearly High-end Show in Munich I’ve previously heard the Trio, but not with the Basshorn XD accompanying it. The subwoofer system although presentat the time, was reserved for passive display only, probably due to room constraints and obvious disruptive forces for adjacent exhibitors. As can be imagined the Avantgard on its own requires a large venue to fully portray its majestic scale. They literally make the music in a room breathe so to speak.

As with any show, such setups are rarely perfect and the components usually far from settled down. This Cape Town based system on the other hand have been setup and fine-tuned with passion, dedication and love. It sounded incredible. It didn’t sound like a reproduction. It sounded real.

My wife and I, being Stellenbosch residents, often treat ourselves to concerts in the University’s world famous Eldler Hall. This facility is known for its superior acoustics and anyone who has ever heard a good soprano or choir perform here will know exactly what it’s about. Sound in the Endler projects forward effortlessly with exemplary focus and presence irrespective of seating position.

The Trio instantly reminded me of our Endler experiences. They are capable of projecting the full majestic scale of a large choir performing in an equally superior auditorium with the air, atmosphere and presence of the real deal. This is high-end on a completely different level. Erase all you’ve come to know or expect from reproduced music, because this will redefine everything.

Exclusive auditioning of this system as well as the smaller Avantgarde models is possible with prior arrangement. Please contact Leander on 0820886688.

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