Aurender S-10 Music Server Transport

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I would never characterize myself as the world’s most avid digital audio protagonist, but I think I may just have found what appears to be the ultimate playground for those besotted with the sound of silver discs.

It is called the Aurender S10 Digital Music Transport and it offers the unique function of negating the need to spin discs or any physical media to listen to reference quality music reproduction!

With this high-end device all your CD’s, SACD’s, DVD-A’s, studio masters and high-res downloads will, from now on, be contained within it in data-file format together with all album art and metadata. Connect a portable computer disc-drive to the Aurender via USB and see how it grabs the music files from the discs in your library at full bit-perfect resolution into its 2TB HDD while simultaneously downloading and characterizing the metadata via it’s Internet connection.

User interface for the Aurender is via Apple’s iconic iPad where the App visually presents in a similar, but much more functional and attractive way to iTunes. The Aurender’s app is free from iTunes store. No more starting up the PC and hoping it’s kernel is set to allow max resolution to access music libraries. The Aurender serves as an instantly accessible music transport server of the highest quality. It connects via digital out (AES/EBU, S/PDif, Toslink) at zero Jitter (0 ps specified) to your existing high-res DAC or AV-Amp’s digital input.

It is the first time in history that such a user friendly music server also satisfies extreme audiophile requirements. It is built like the proverbial tank with separate extruded aluminium compartments for the different parts of its electronic architecture. It is fan-less and highly advanced at executing digital music data streams. Music data is first read off the 2TB internal HDD and then buffered to another internal 64Gig solid state drive in order to bring to an absolute minimum, vibration and electromechanical degradations negatively associated with digital audio playback.

I had the opportunity to audition the Aurender through a reference stereo system that in our country costs just on a mind-bending four million rand. In direct comparison to a CD-Transport from a highly respected manufacturer costing in the order of a cool R250,000, I could not hear any discernible difference when comparing the same 44.1/16 material. Not surprisingly however, hi-res FLAC downloads from HD-Tracks sounded more real and closer to the analogue ideal than I’ve ever before experienced from the digital medium at consumer level. I thoroughly enjoyed the advanced sound of HD-Tracks’ 24/96 masters, which is in stark contrast to most prior experiences of socalled high-res digital.  24/96 is rarely correctly executed in the noisy world of computer environments and it explains my resilience to have embraced it. Subsequent to my audition of the Aurender, I found my findings reflecting other authoritative reviews from around the world which serves to confirm the making of something very special.

In my opinion, the Aurender is a definitive landmark product making available an easily accessible medium to seamlessly enjoy high resolution audio in the home. The fact that it does it so well together with the advanced storage capability and wireless user interface makes it a sure winner!

We will have an Aurender S10 within a few weeks as our own demonstration sample. Be assured we will be announcing a music evening to introduce this fabulous device soon!

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