Audio Research Reference CD9

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Audio Research CD9

We are very proud of our excellent relationship with Audio Research and in South-Africa we’ve been given the exclusive privilege to be taking the very first Reference CD9 CD-player with Digital Inputs around to some of our clients in the market for a cutting edge digital machine. Our very first stop resulted in an instant order which we will be delivering within the next two to three weeks.
The Reference CD9 is simply a devastatingly good digital source with a much wider range of uses other than merely playing ordinary compact discs. Just hearing this machine play CD’s however will convince the most die-hard of analogue gurus that the digital frontier is closer than ever to claiming the crown for ultimate playback medium. This machine is liquid, involving, rhythmically perfect and as transparent sounding as hearing native studio masters played back directly from the recorded data banks.
For us the ability to feed our much loved music servers with hi-res material through the REF9’s very accomplished digital to analogue conversion stages with the now famed zero feedback Audio Research vacuum tube output stage in queue is enough to have prompted purchase for use as our resident digital reference. At the asking price of nearly R170,000 it is nothing but a complete bargain in our book of references.
Be sure to make an appointment to come hear this landmark product as part of our all Audio Research Reference system driving equally impressive Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

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