Audio Desk Systeme Gläss

We’re very pleased to announce our authorized dealership of the very best vinyl cleaner ever made. The Audio Desk Systeme Gläss represents the pinnacle in modern record cleaning by shooting the vinyl with ultrasonic sound waves while rotating it through a cleaning agent mainly consisting of distilled water!

The ultrasonic rays penetrate into the deepest parts of the vinyl grooves where no brush system could ever get to. Dirt often thought of as flaws in the vinyl is released with great precision never allowing for damage to the record itself.

The sound of a record cleaned by the Audio Desk Systeme Gläss is unmistakably clearer and more convincing than before treatment. Even brand new records sound audibly better after an initial clean. Best of all the machine is completely automated and allows one to do other things while cleaning is in progress. Operation is fairly quiet compared to other types of cleaning machines and this should appeal to other family members not so interested in having clean LPs!

For a demonstration of the Systeme Gläss, feel free to contact us. We bought the demo sample for private use.

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  1. Sean Vink 10/13/2018 at 7:45 am · Reply

    Hi, what is your price on the vinyl cleaning machine?

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