Aragon Service

Legacy Aragon & Acurus products I am very well versed with. My late father initiated the import and distribution of these high-end brands in the late eighties as additional lines to their bread & butter products that consisted of NAD, AR, Mission, Wharfedale, Arcam, JPW, Celestion, REL and Cerwin-Vega. In recent times I’ve been contacted by clients who require repair of these superbly designed and built amplifiers most of which are now exceeding three decades of service. Originally designed for manufacturer, Mondial Designs by famed, Dan D’Agostino, those years front man of Krell Industries. Specific similarities are obvious and build quality unsurpassed.

Unfortunately some of these lovely amplifiers have through the course of their lifetimes fallen prey to dubious repairmen some of whom’s workmanship left much to be desired often causing more damage than good. For those who share a passion for great electronics, the following pictures may be upsetting, but such is the stuff often unsuspecting owners or buyers of used items are exposed to:

Heavy oxidation of chassis covered up with a rubberizing agent

Loose output transistors!

Professional Channel Rebuilding & Repair

Completed channel with a healthy touch of OCD – Note superior Panasonic “FC” capacitors

In my own household I’m also employing an Aragon amplifier that has come full circle when it returned ‘home’ after many decades in the field. Originally sold in 1989 by my father to late Koos Botha of Botha & Barnard Furniture Manufacturers in Wilderness, this amplifier was traded in at a dealership in Port-Elizabeth and subsequently traded in and resold there several times until I happened to visit there about thirteen years ago and spotted this old dependable workhorse in his used stock inventory. I bought it there and then, gave it a service and ever since this old 4004mkII has been giving us a lot of joy when in need of something with real grunt. Currently it is doing duty driving my mighty pair of Dali Megaline loudspeakers in our family/TV room punching out bass that few dedicated subwoofers can muster.

Aragon 4004 mk II circa 1989 driving my Dali Megalines

2004 / 4004 Specifications

New Speaker Terminals fitted