Anthem AVM60 & MCA525

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AVM60 Processor

The last few weeks of 2017 proved to have been an exciting time for us. Not only were we treated to some extraordinary setups and ultra exotic loudspeakers, we were also able to experience a superbly executed home-cinema setup built around the processor which is the topic of this post.

The Anthem range of electronics designed and built in Canada on the North-American continent seem to have a knockout product in the form of their AVM60 surround processor/preamp. This unit have been raking up critical acclaim from around the world and it came as no surprise that it also made a deep impression on us at a recent audition in Cape Town.

The rest of the system consisted of Anthem power amplifiers driving the latest and very impressive offerings from Paradigm Loudspeakers in the form of the Persona range with their proprietary beryllium drivers. Commonly conceived knowledge dictates that the more revealing the loudspeakers, the more critical they will be of upstream electronics and sources.

Paradigm Persona centre & 7F loudspeakers

$40,000US worth of loudspeakers magnifying the capabilities of a mere R70,000 processor made me skeptical at first. In my opinion the economic balance seemed a little distorted to the side of over expenditure on loudspeakers. Yet what we found at the audition was nothing short of a minor revelation.

The sound field was immersive. It felt as if we were bathing in a delicate yet highly detailed pool of sound with near boundless edges. I was constantly reminded of how refined everything sounded. Every detail, every sound and sound-effect was revealed with definition from a seemingly unlimited pallet of colors and contrasts. It was a gripping experience. We became part of the action instead of merely observing.

These experiences impressed me no end. For me true high definition sound began and stopped at two channel stereo, yet the Anthem / Paradigm Persona setup proved how far the envelope of surround sound technology has been pushed in recent years.

The Best Buys in the Anthem range are undoubtedly the AVM60 processor @ R74,000 list and the MCA525 five channel class A/B power amplifier delivering a simultaneous 225W RMS into 8ohm loads. List price for the MCA525 is R72,000.

Feel free to call us to arrange a personalized demonstration.

MCA525 amplifier interior

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