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CelestialSounds is a natural extension of a life long passion for music appreciation, perfected sound reproduction, high-end equipment and state-of-the-art electronics. The love to hear good music reproduced faithfully necessitates skillfully built sound systems and rooms. To achieve superlatives however require intimate knowledge and understanding of electronic interaction.  Room acoustics and component matching are as important and often range deep into engineering territory.

We strive to be a cut above the rest. We are not a box moving affair. We are engineers combining skills, experience and knowledge accumulated over several decades of hard work and experimentation.  We provide our clients with knowledgeable insights and advice to extract the absolute maximum from their components, systems and the environments they are employed in. Getting the most from recorded music and film is at the essence of what we do at CelestialSounds.

My late father, Gerhard van Rooyen, began importing world-class Hi-Fi back in 1979 and represented NAD Electronics in South-Africa for the better part of four decades. Exposure to great sound and vision has been part of our lives for as long as I can remember. I owe so much of what I came to know about what it is we listen for when we listen to reproduced sound from him. My father’s musical experience and background as tenor in his young adult life laid a valuable foundation of musical knowledge and experience. The secrets of knowing music in its intimate acoustic form allow us to achieve the most truthful electronic reproductions thereof.

The Products we represent at CelestialSounds are the ones we use and enjoy to in our own setups. Importantly these are represented in South-Africa by the most respected importers and distributors to ensure the best levels of backup and after sale service. We respect high fidelity systems as musical instruments and meaningfully string them together to achieve a listening experience relieved of electronic artifacts.

CelestialSounds is a representative and distributor for Skogrand cables and Audio Exklusiv electronics and electrostatic loudspeakers (Germany) from Cape Town, South-Africa.

Leander van Rooyen
(Updated June 2020)

Leander van Rooyen is a full member of the Audio Engineering Society


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