Abbey Road

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Abbey Road instantly reminds us of one of the most famous pictures in history where the Beatles can be seen crossing the street opposite the studios where they recorded their album Abbey Road named after the street and of course the wonderful studios going by the same name.

On a recent visit to London paying a visit to this landmark ticked off a buck list item I’ve been looking forward to for decades and yes we also participated in the comic relief of signing our names on Abbey Road Studios’ boundary wall. Going inside was as expected reserved for the elite or those lucky enough to have sessions booked there.

As consolation prize we were delighted to find attached to the studio buildings a branded store filled with lovely memorabilia and music from which there is to choose from to heart’s content. We were able to buy a few items to take with us which means a little of Abbey Road came to a home and room where it’s all about music and great sound.

Searching the internet I found it peculiar not seeing more pictures of this authentic little store so cut out for the many music and sound enthusiasts out there. It was then that I decided to put up some of the pictures we took there on the day including the one of my wife and I on the famous zebra crossing so kindly taken for us by a fellow tourist who came there for the same reasons.

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