Vinyl Capturing/Mastering

Our love for the vinyl LP and the incredibly natural sound it is capable of even today prompted us to offer a service of capturing, to the highest resolution possible, those records that are more valuable than life itself. Rare and out of print LP’s often contain within their grooves unobtainable musical delicacies that demand them being played. Yet with every subsequent spin of the disc, it deteriorates through physical stylus contact with the soft vinyl groove walls necessitating extremely limited use to aid preservation.

At CelestialSounds we can play the most treasured vinyl records on a LINN Sondek record player that induces almost zero groove wear while extracting the musical signal with the greatest of resolution, precision and musical impact. Our pick-up cartridge is hand made by Mr. A.J. van den Hul of the Netherlands to exacting specifications we supplied that included the type of turntable used, ie solid plint or suspended sub-chassis, type of tone arm, ie uni-pivot, fixed bearing or tangential and finally for the phono preamplifier in use. Called “Colibri”, it is Mr. Van den Hul’s ultimate cartridge statement and costs a whopping $8000US.

Our phono preamplifier contain vacuum tube technology, the best means of signal amplification known to man. The Manley Steelhead RC ($8000US) is world renowned and also owned by the most famous of mastering engineers, Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering in the US. Analogue guru and definitive authority on the subject, Michael Fremer of Stereophile Magazine and, also owned a Steelhead phono preamp for many years.

We feed the pristine analogue music signal from the Manley Steelhead directly into a precision A/D converter where the analogue signal becomes a high resolution binary digital code at 24bits, 96kHz sampling frequency. We regard this level of resolution the only way to capture the full frequency spectrum analogue disc is capable of. At 24/96 we can manipulate the signal to unlimited degrees including removal of pops and crackles transparently. We can in a nutshell produce pristine digital master recordings from the original analogue record for the highest quality archiving and CD production thereof. The music can thus be accessed and enjoyed without any further risk to the original analogue record, making it a priceless objective in its own right.

Full LP capture & mastering from R2000/LP. Please contact us for more information.