Vandersteen / Audio Research

System Components:

CEC Belt Drive CD-Player

Sony Blu-Ray Player

Sony DVD Player


LINN Sondek/Basik/Valhalla/Asaka

Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp

Audio Research DS450 Stereo Power amp

Vandersteen 3A Signature Speakers

Townsend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters

REL Storm III Subwoofer

NAD S170 Surround Preamp

AMC 4channel Power Amp

NAD3150 amplifier (Extra Zone)

Vandersteen Center Speaker

Mission Surrounds

AudioQuest Cabling

Hi-Fi Tuning Fused Mains Feed

Dedicated Earth Spike

Furutech quad wall outlet

Audio Research & Vandersteen. Made for one another. This system is begging for a decent digital source, but in the mean time our client has been discovering the joys and pleasures of vinyl and the hobby of collecting vinyl that came along with it. 

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