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Be sure to page through our pre-owned and demo unit pages. We have an interesting selection with something for everyone.

Audio Research Reference 10 Line Stage – R250,000
Audio Research DAC3 (valve output) – R7,500
Audio Research DS450M Mono Blocks (set) – R85,000
Audio Research Reference 8 CD Player – R45,000
Bryston BDP-1 (Roon Ready) – R22,500
B&W 802 Diamond Series 2 (Rosenut) – R85,000
B&W 610 subwoofer – R5,000
Naim NS01 Music Ripper/Server – R39,500
Devialet Expert 200 amplifier – R60,000
Linn Sondek LP12/Ittok/Cirkus/Lingo – R25,000
EAR 834P (Mundorf/Vishay upgrades) – R9,500
EAR 834L (Penny & Giles Pot) – R12,500
Transparent Music Wave Super 10ft Pair – R25,000
Van Den Hul ‘The Revelation’ 8ft Pair – R4,500
Shunyata Python CX – R14,500
Meridian 203 DAC – R4,500
Helius Scorpio 4 9″ Tonearm – R8,000

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