Music from the hills of Tygerberg


System Components:

LINN Sondek/Cirkus/Helius Aurora/Trampolin II/Lingo II (modified)

Lyra Helikon Cartridge

Manley Steelhead-RC Reference Phono Stage

Audio Research Reference CD8 (custom PSU upgrade)

Audio Research 40th Anniversary Reference Preamplifier

Burmester 911 Power amps x 2

Eggleston-Works ‘Savoy’ Signature loudspeakers

REL Studio II subwoofer

AudioQuest Sterling-X3 Speaker Cables Shotgun Bi-Wired

AudioQuest Sky FPS Silver Airtube interconnects

AudioQuest Cheetah Balanced XLR FPS Silver Airtube interconnects

Nordost Valhalla XLR Balanced interconnects

2 x Fused Hi-Fi Tuning 32A Dedicated Shielded Mains Spurs

Furutech Wall outlets x 3

Oyaide Wall outlet

PS Audio Ultimate Outlet

Furutech Power Cords


This used to be a system I enjoyed one hell of a lot. It had so much heft and slam, the kind of stuff a true rock music fan can only dream of. Noteworthy upgrades we were responsible for was the Audio Resrearch 40th Anniversary Reference line stage consisting of two boxes, one for power supply and one for signal duties. This thing transformed this system making those Burmester amplifiers sing what seemed like the very 1st time. I also installed a dedicated 60A mains spur and some power conditioning that made meaningful improvements. If it wasn’t for the size and accompanied bass problems, I may very well have been a Egglestone Works owner today.

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