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February 22, 2014, No comments

This is a must-hear product for all audiophiles and music lovers with digital media based systems. The Aeris makes greater sense of the music’s meaning and artist’s intent than many […]

Audio Research REF9 Product of the Year!

December 9, 2013, No comments

When we first laid ears on the magnificent new Reference 9 CD/DAC combo from ARC, we knew we’re onto something very special – Now we have ...

NAD M50 Network Player

June 28, 2013, No comments

For the past few weeks we’ve been getting into our new NAD M50 Digital player. Although the M50 may appear to be another CD-player from NAD’s high ...

NAD M51 DAC & Digital Preamp (Full Review)

October 2, 2012, No comments

We all have an old CD-player lying around. We all have a DVD player or Blu-Ray player. Did you know how incredible these often cheap digital machines ...