Specialized Tonearm Rewiring

** PLEASE NOTE – Due to time constraints and ever escalating costs we are no longer able to offer this service **

We pride ourselves in the fine art of fabricating custom tone-arm looms. Our preferred method is by way of uninterrupted conductors from where the signal originates at the cartridge clips all the way through to the phono plugs connecting the arm to the RIAA phono amplifier. The fact that an ultra low level signal of only a few tenths of a millivolt suffers exponentially greater termination-losses than line level signals makes for a simple argument. Some well respected tone arms have up to five solder joints within the tone-arm structure alone. Understandably such arms respond beautifully to our one piece loom fabrications. The actual wiring we prefer to use is of the highest quality from respected industry leaders and also used by manufacturers of some of the best tone arms in the business, like SME. As examples Van den Hul MCS-150M and Cardas Litz-wire are purpose-made for the application of running within a tone-arm-tube and in most cases also through the pivot bearing, down the arm-base and through the main bearing. This unique environment necessitates tone-arm-wiring of ultra flexibility to not foul the arm’s free movement when in operation. Any amount of additional tension or resistance to free movement will influence tracking ability in an adverse way, thereby nullifying any efforts to gain improvements. In our experience many so-called specialized looms are being made of incorrect wire specification and therefore tension to begin with. The poor performance of such looms often call for a complete rewire to merely restore factory performance.

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