“The best sounding units are the ones optimized for the application it is applied in.”

We have long been converting units to suit personal needs and requirements better than is possible with off-the-shelf units. A simple example is that of output- and input impedance matching in valve preamps and amplifiers. By combining the minimum required output coupling for a particular amplifier’s input impedance, signal transmission is better preserved due to a limiting of the imaginary barriers in-between.

The same applies to the quality of certain key components within our favorite units. It is easily understandable where such advantages and improvements come from, but the finer art lies within selecting the most appropriate component for a specific sonic character or need.

We regularly import selected parts for customization and we will then lovingly perform such upgrades for our clients on demand. For more detail of what can be achieved, please contact us for a quotation or an audition of some stellar sounding units.