Sonus Faber / Audio Exklusiv

This system is a pure music enjoyment and appreciation system. The owners are music enthusiasts 1st and foremost meaning the system is the tool to hear music at its best. No small pile of audiophile discs will be found here. Instead, it is music in abundance, enjoyed from a private collection ripped to a Naim server or streamed from Tidal MQA. Reliability and ease of use is important when music is the hobby. New additions to the system include upgrade to Elipsa SE speakers, a major jump from the Liuto. We also recently upgraded the power power amplifiers to 400w hybrid valve/solid state mono blocks from Audio Exklusiv, Germany. The PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC was another valuable addition in getting the most from the system. 

Naim NS01 Reference Music server

Bryston BDP-3 digital file transport

PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC

Audio Exklusiv P14 Mono-block amplifiers

Sonus Faber Elipsa Red Violin SE loudspeakers

PS Audio power conditioning

Furutech power conditioning

Furutech power cords

Shunyata power cords

2 x Dedicated shielded mains cables from distribution board to power conditioners

2 x 32A Cryo Fused mains supply

AudioQuest Castle Rock speaker cables

AudioQuest Eagle Eye S/PDif interconnect

AudioQuest Sky Interconnects

Naim UnitiQute network connected streaming (bedroom) 

Tidal Hi-Fi

Roon Labs

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