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PSB Synchrony One

We just received a stunning pair of PSB Synchrony One loudspeakers in Rosewood finish. This pair has been demonstrated only once and in only one client’s house. The shipping boxes are therefore opened, but apart from this the speakers are new in every way and will still require the biggest chunk of playing-in to be done.

Price is a steal at only R35,000 (normally R65,000). You save R30,000. (SOLD 03 September 2013)

PSB Synchrony Stereophile

Extract from John Atkinson’s review in Stereophile:

“The last two speakers I reviewed, the Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa (December 2007) and the KEF Reference 207/2 (February 2008), each cost around $20,000/pair. As much as I was impressed by those highfliers, PSB’s Synchrony One reached almost as high for just $4500/pair. Its slightly forward low treble will work better with laid-back amplification and sources, and its warmish midbass region will require that care be taken with room placement and system matching. But when everything is optimally set up, the Synchrony One offers surprisingly deep bass for a relatively small speaker; a neutral, uncolored midrange; smooth, grain-free highs; and superbly stable and accurate stereo imaging. It is also superbly finished and looks beautiful. Highly recommended. And when you consider the price, very highly recommended.”

PSB Synchrony One awards

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