Repair Workmanship

** PLEASE NOTE – Due to time constraints and ever escalating costs we are no longer able to offer this service **



After a recent repair of a badly damaged NAD amplifier, we decided to dedicate a page to pride of workmanship in the repair industry. So regularly we see decent hi-fi components on the brink of destruction due in part to faulty or slapdash repair work. The amplifier in question here was repaired on more than two occasions already. With the latest blow-up the PC-board burnt away in certain areas and required extensive cross bridging of the original nonexistent tracks. Such operation requires time for precision solder work on already delicate copper tracks. In the pictures it is easy to see what the previous technician was up to when the repair was done. Messy application of heat sink compound is a clear sign of a job done in haste and with little care or pride. Although not a guarantee for failure, this type of workmanship immediately puts the rest of the work in question. We take a bit more time fixing faults, but afterward the results are always that of a healthy component in its original factory condition. Both visually and sonically the results are well worth the extra effort.

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