B&W Nautilus / McIntosh

Rated by many as the best speaker system in the world, the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus can certainly lay claim to this prestigious crown. North of one million there are other options available, but very few can tick as many boxes as the Nautilus. Striking good looks combined with revolutionary refinement and genuine reference quality sound is but a few aspects that make the Nautilus so unique. The way these disappear and project their sound is quite remarkable. They create a wraparound image of the music allowing normal stereo recordings to come alive similar to a Q-Sound recording on a lesser system.

Very noteworthy are the McIntosh amplifiers which provided a welcome transformation from the Classe’s we initially installed. We were the 1st in SA to get a pair of the brand-new MC611 mono block power amplifiers to power the woofers in this active setup. Interestingly it seems the McIntosh amplifiers do have an advantage when driving a system such as this where there are no passive cross-over networks inside the loudspeakers to provide some shielding properties from the emf reflecting back to the amps. All top McIntosh amplifiers employ transformer coupled output stages whereby the solid state output devices drive the loudspeakers through a transformer, in this case called an autoformer, the same as in nearly all valve amplifiers. The autoformer provide for incredible stability under the most demanding loads and conditions which is exactly what is called for by the B&W Nautilus.


System Components:

2 x 2TB Netgear NAS server

Classe CP-800 Digital Preamp

2 x McIntosh MC611 mono block power amps (600W RMS)

2 x McIntosh MC303 tri-channel power amps (300W RMS)

B&W Nautilus Loudspeakers (Porsche Midnight Blue)

JL Audio Fathom F-212 subwoofer

Furutech Daytona power conditioner

Furutech FP3-TS20 Power Cords

Dedicated shielded mains feed from DB to localized power conditioner

Hi-Fi Tuning Cryo 32A Mains Fuse

Hi-Fi Tuning component Fuses

AudioQuest Cheeta XLR interconnects

AudioQuest King Cobra XLR interconnects

AudioQuest Yukon XLR interconnects

Key Digital HDMI interconnects

AudioQuest Digital Pro FPS Silver S/PDif interconnects

Control 4 system remote

B&W Nautilus

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