Naim NS-01 Music Server / CD Ripper

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We received a superb one owner Naim NS-01 Music Server which we are giving away at R39995.

The hard drive is loaded with 500+ high quality (mostly imported) CD rips of contemporary, Jazz and folk music.

The NaimNet series of Music Servers all feature a novel internal
architecture to deliver not only outstanding sound quality without any of
the compromises associated with conventional server solutions, but also
facilitate simple and intuitive music selection with a unique combination
of informative and simple user interfaces. NS01 combines the function of
a local output server, with six NaimNet Streams and six UPnPTM streams.

Audiophile Sound Quality
Reading from Compact Disc to the internal hard disk is bit-perfect with
multiple scans of the CD to ensure absolute data integrity. Replay is bitperfect,
whether as a stream into NaimNet or DigiLinXTM room amplifiers,
as an UPnPTM controlled stream, or as local playback on the Server.
Audio handling within the server, designed by Naim to offer the highest
fidelity, has a fully bit-perfect architecture and accepts digital formats up
to unpacked fixed/float 32bit/192 kHz. Playback is exactly as the original
CD, including gapless playback. The S/PDIF digital output provides a low
jitter, bit-perfect, local output.

Secure Music Storage
CD rips stored on the 2TB hard drive is automatically copied onto a
second 2TB drive, at a pre-set time, as a secure backup. In the event of a
single HDD failure service procedures allow the recovery of the complete
music library and playlists.

Downloaded Music Compatibility
Music files obtained from other sources, including hi-res downloads, can
also be stored on the server’s internal storage due to a new partitioned
drive. The user can simply copy music across from their computer using
any operation system (Windows/Mac/Linux) to the ‘Downloads’ folder
available on the server’s internal hard drive.

Rip-to-NAS and Network Scanning
Full support of Network Storage to extend the capacity of the NS01. Music
can be freely moved between named NAS stores making cataloguing of
large collections very convenient. NS01 identifies all playable music on
PCs, MACs or NAS on the network and populates the music selection
database for playback.

A Versatile Network Music Source
Music on the local server store, as well as network music that has been
aggregated from the network by the NS01, is available for streaming to
both UPnPTM and NaimNet room players simultaneously, as well as local
playback. All popular music formats are supported for local playback with
transcoding, as required, for NaimNet playback.

Internet Radio
Stream any of the tens of thousands of available internet radio stations
to an unlimited number of rooms with perfect synchronisation. Finding
and managing stations is easy from the internet radio menu on any of the
NS01 control interfaces. The menu also includes Naim’s Choice, a list of
recommended stations for quality of sound, music and/or programming.

True Hi-Fi Local Audio Playback
Local audio playback stages are optically isolated from the server
architecture for lowest noise. All data is fully reclocked and dejittered with
the master clock as close to the DACs as possible. Linear power supplies
with toroidal transformer and multiple regulation.

MP3 player and iTunes Integration
Portable MP3 music players connected to the convenient front panel USB
socket as generic USB devices, populate the selection database and can
be played locally as a digital transfer with much higher fidelity than an
analogue connection and streamed to NaimNet rooms. It is also possible
to import Playlists from iTunes into the NS01.

Extended Music Database
Easily select music by artist, composer, song, conductor, movement
etc. Ideal for collections of pop, jazz, or classical music. Intuitive search
functions on all interfaces make finding individual pieces simple.

NaimNet Whole–House Control Systems
Available on web browsers, StreamNet compatible touchscreens, iPad,
iPhone and iPod Touch interfaces. Independent music selection and
control of up to six streams with whole-house control is provided by the
quick and responsive NaimNet interface. A host of advanced search
functions are supported with display of album art.

iPhone and iPad Control
Available from the Apple App store the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
interface is a quick and convenient way to control the local audio output
of the NS01 with full feedback including Album Art.

TV Interface
Clear and responsive, the TV interface is ideal within a home cinema or
on a VGA Touchscreen and controlled by the supplied IR handset or by a
mouse, keyboard, or Touchscreen.

Web Interface
A web-based version of the TV interface is available simply by browsing
to the IP address of the Music Server.

PC DeskTop Client Interface
A very informative interface available on any Networked PC. This uses
an explorer type of presentation to display the database contents, as well
as playable music on other machines or computers on the same network.
Powerful music search functions. This interface is used to modify or
overwrite database album or track details and create playlists, and is
available independent of whatever the Music Server is currently playing.
This interface exposes the full detail of the music database at an album
or track level.

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