Vandersteen / Valve Audio

System Components:

Dedicated PC network player

Twin DNLA enabled NAS servers

Wired4Sound DAC

Audio Research LS-15 Preamp

Valve Audio Black Widow Stereo power amps x 2

Vandersteen Model 2Ce

Vandersteen Model 3

REL Strata

AudioQuest Cabling

Dedicated 32A Fused Mains Spur

Dedicated Earth Spike

PS Audio Wall Outlets

Shunyata Power Cords

PS Audio Juicebar 2


This is one of my oldest remaining clients from my days at Specialist Hi-Fi back in 1994 when it was a subdivision of my family’s company that used to be the NAD distributors in S.A. for more than thirty years. This particular system has not changed much since inception, such is the quality of the units and the careful matching of the different elements with it. Greater testimony to the reliability and longevity of modern high-end hi-fi will be hard to find. The locally made Valve Audio Black Widow amplifiers never skipped a beat in what is now more than twenty-five years of full time operation. This client’s two amplifiers are of the first ten units ever made. I’ve recently serviced them and fitted some new tubes and updates from the manufacturer that blew new life into them and both my client and I agreed his two Black Widow amplifiers seem good for another twenty five years to come.

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