Thirty Years of music appreciation from the critical perspective of a dedicated audiophile proved the ideal breeding ground for a sound engineer with the most golden of ears. Audiophiles listen to music and sound differently than most people, even dedicated music lovers and musicians. We analyze every aspect of what is presented in reproduced music of which there are near endless perspectives. We spend hours and sometimes days searching for the n-the degree of sonic perfection within our playback systems and the external forces influencing their performance. Hearing a true audiophile reference system is a jaw-dropping experience.

Applying in a slightly different way, the same principles of perfection to raw studio recordings, makes for stellar transformations in the way we fine tune the audio signal through our equipment to make a new album sound devastatingly good on anything it is played upon. We have the means of a perfectly transparent chain of electronic devices to shape the final sound heard on the CD or hi-resolution digital format before the final version goes to the pressing plant for commercial release. Most importantly, our mastering facility also has the means of comparing to the highest degree of resolution those albums that are renowned for sonic excellence to the work we produce for our clients. Our digital sources include Reference CD-players from Audio Research costing $12000US. We also have a range of higher resolution players and DACs in the form of Benchmark, Apogee and Wadia.

For referencing vinyl albums and generating the purest audio signal from an LP, we have at our disposal the longest standing reference record player the world has ever seen in the form of the LINN Sondek LP-12. Our Sondek is fine tuned with the best improvements the LINN factory could come up with over it’s near forty year production run. Analogue sound remains our ultimate reference for sonic perfection.

Our sonic preferences are in line with the world’s most respected reviewers and engineers. Knowing what it is that makes the music industry tick comes with being involved in it from the retail side of the most exotic audio equipment money can buy. It is therefore no wonder that most of the components we use within our reference system are also used by leading reviewers and owned by fellow Mastering Engineers on the A-List.


Audio Research Reference 5SE Preamplifier

Audio Research Hybrid Drive (tube/solid state) power amps

Manley equalizers, compressors and phono preamp

Apogee ADDA
Benchmark ADDA
Apple MAC
Sonic Studios DAW
2011 B&W802 Diamond
REL Stadium Subs
Townsend Audio Super Tweeters
AudioQuest cabling

CD Mastering
Vinyl Capturing/Mastering