Australian vibes

Fritz System (800x450)

System Components:

Marantz CD6004 CD-player

Audio Research LS15 preamp

Quad II Fourty mono block amplifiers

Martin-Logan Vista loudspeakers

Audio Quest Columbia interconnects

Nordost speaker cables

Audio Quest NRG-X3 Power cords


This system took shape when a mate from my high school years and I started talking sound again after many years of lost contact. In those days he bought his first system with my help. Little wonder then that he started off with a NAD 3020B and later progressed to a baby Naim Nait.

Thanks to Facebook, my friend started following my activities at CelestialSounds on line. On my pre-owned page, regular listings are posted of high value trade-in equipment and my mate responded to a recent Audio Research line stage bargain. The Quad mono blocks came in at around the same time and so the package together with some tasty AudioQuest cables were exported to Sydney, Australia.

There the euphoric transparency of the valve amplifier combination instantly prompted a speaker upgrade and so my friend ended up a lovely pair of Martin-Logan Vista hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers to match his new valve amplifiers. 

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