Punching Heads (Knysna)


System Components:

2 x 2TB Netgear NAS server


Classe CP-800 Digital Preamp

2 x Audio Research DS450M Mono-Block Amplifiers

2012 B&W 802 Diamond Loudspeakers

JL Audio Fathom F-212 subwoofer

Nordost THOR Power Conditioner with Valhalla wiring

Furutech FP3-TS20 Power Cords

Dedicated shielded mains feed from DB to localized power conditioner

Hi-Fi Tuning Cryo 32A Mains Fuse

Hi-Fi Tuning component Fuses

AudioQuest Argent+ FPS Silver speaker cables

AudioQuest King Cobra XLR interconnects

Key Digital HDMI interconnects

AudioQuest Digital Pro FPS Silver S/PDif interconnects

This client’s requirement was to have a high resolution music system with specific focus on high continuous power and serious sound pressure capability for entertainment purposes. We removed all previous surround-sound components, most of which failed due to their fragility and aimed all efforts on getting peak performance from a robust stereo setup with genuine musical value. We upgraded the subwoofer twice, 1st to the highly regarded JL-Audio F113 and just recently again to the bigger JL-Audio model F212 with twin 12″ woofers. The sound from this system has serious impact with dynamic bass slam second to none. Needless to say, our client has not once ever had a problem with blowing speakers or amplifiers again, despite having become quite infamous with his neighbors.

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