Electrical Supply Upgrades

We believe the holy grail to heavenly sound is the dedicated high current mains spur. All you need to hear what this upgrade can do for you is a pair of ears and a system as small as a pair of bookshelf speakers, a NAD 3020 or similar budget integrated amplifier and a basic source, either CD or LP.

The difference is devastatingly good. Your baby 3020 will sound as if it miraculously turned into the latest C356. Your CD will project holographic imaging the reviewers rave about when they test stratospheric record players. And your bookshelf speakers will gain the weight of those big floor standers you’ve been dreaming of.

If mains upgrades can do this for a 3020 based system, imagine what it can do for yours!

Call today and we will send a qualified electrician to assess your situation and provide you with an economical quote to boost your power.

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