Northern Cape Bliss


System components:

Aurender S-10 Reference Music Server

NAD M55 SACD/DVD Player with Custom Clock-upgrade

PC running iTunes with iPad navigation


Audio Research Reference DAC / Digital Preamp

Audio Research DS450M mono amps x 2

2012 B&W800 Diamond

NAD3020 series 20 modified (ambiance recovery)

Mission Surrounds (ambiance recovery)

Nuvo In-Ceiling speakers (ambiance recovery)

AudioQuest speaker cables Shotgun Bi-Wired

AudioQuest Diamondack Balanced XLR interconnects

Transparent Audio Premium AES/EBU Digital interconnect

AudioQuest Emerald 3 interconnects

Ecosse 75ohm S/PDif Digital interconnects

Key Digital HDMI interconnects

Dedicated 32A Fused Mains Spur

Transparent Audio Reference Powerlink

Furutech Mains Distribution Filter

Furutech Wall Outlets x 3

Shunyata 20A Power Cords

AudioQuest NRG3 Power Cords

This long-term client’s system steadily grew into a spectacular reference-quality music system with extraordinary output capability. We’ve combined video and TV facilities within a super resolution stereo setup while simultaneously utilizing the redundant surround system’s rear speakers in our custom ambiance recovery mode for the most believable sense of space and hall-like definition unmatched by most digital surround processors.

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