High-end Basics


System Components:

Audio Research CD-5

Audio Research DSi200

Martin-Logan Ethos

AudioQuest Cobalt Speaker cables

AudioQuest King Cobra Balanced XLR interconnects

Dedicated phase from three phase Mains Supply

Furutech Mains Connectors

Custom-built Mains Filter all Hard Wired


Our family have been acquainted with this client since the late seventies / early eighties. In-fact it was from him I acquired my first true audiophile preamp when I was still in my teens. That little Naim NAC32 with SNAPS power supply set me along the path of minimalism. It was designed for sophisticated ears, similar to those belonging to this client. Much did I pride myself when it became time for him to shop again for a dedicated stereo setup to be picked out from his many contacts for assistance in building his dream system. Audio Research electronics satisfy the most demanding audiophiles and it was no different here. This setup produce sweet transparency from modern Martin-Logan electrostatic speakers. Truly a match made in heaven. The dedicated stand in the picture is self made to specifications we considered and discussed at length. These can be reproduced on request and at a very reasonable cost.

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