CD Mastering

In South-Africa we have entered a new and exciting faze in the music industry. Waves of new talent are sweeping our studios as up and coming artists are recording new music in a technologically advanced environment. These raw tracks from advanced studios deserve the best fine tuning possible to achieve the ultimate tone required to make it stand out from a vast crowd. An independent mastering engineer can do a lot for a new album to improve it’s chances of good ratings and possible hits.

To hear new music the way the artist intended it, is often not possible straight from the studio master. Tonal balance and especially dynamics need to be tailored to suit the playback medium. We master slightly differently for CD and iTunes simply because the CD will more than likely always be played on a device with external speakers while the iTunes version will mostly remain on ear bud phones.

As a rule though, we attempt to use as little compression as possible, but the final verdict remains with the artist and producer. To achieve tone, we will listen very carefully and often compare new material with existing hits to see how they stack up. It is only possible to make such critical comparisons and fine adjustments with a playback system of super resolution, transparency and acoustic power. It is therefor not surprising to find that all the components in our mastering system employ vacuum tubes for the ultimate in transparency and musicality.

Mastering engineers on the A-list make use of systems costing a good few hundred thousand dollars, if not into the millions of dollars. Some like Bob Ludwig, initiated his own loudspeakers through collaboration with the best acoustic engineers in the world simply because he could not find all the sonic attributes he was looking for in one commercially available package. An entirely new loudspeaker brand of extreme reference quality saw the light of day as a result of the success they achieved with the original pair.

To hear deeper into the mix and being able to tweak it to be as expressive of the artist and producer’s talents is the ultimate goal in mastering. At CelestialSounds we already own and market the best vacuum tube equipment on the planet. It is up to you to hear what our ears and mastering tools can do for your music.