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11/04/2016, No comments

Looking for an ART preamp in original condition. Also interested in Conrad-Johnson valve mono-blocks 250W RMS and up (Premier 8, LP260SE, LP275) Please contact LEANDER on 082 088 6688.  

Restoration Completed! Our Conrad-Johnson Premier 12 Mono Block amplifiers must be heard.

02/22/2014, No comments

We’ve recently completed the restoration of a twenty year old set of Conrad-Johnson Premier Twelve mono-block power amplifiers. Now retrofitted ...

EAR 834P Signature Phono preamp

08/14/2012, No comments

I remember it so well. My very 1st dedicated phono stage. After a long and admittedly over stayed welcome with various preamps from NAIM, the little E ...

Review: AR18s (1982)

06/06/2012, No comments

  I originally wrote this review as entry to a competition on , but felt since I now have the blog site I’ve always wante ...

  • Manley Steelhead RC
    06/04/2012, No comments

    Last year the Manley Steelhead phono preamplifier celebrated its tenth anniversary. Is eleven years in the making enough to deem this beast classic status? Debatable I guess, it is after […]