B&W 800 / Jeff Roland

When curiosity made this client come round to hear my B&W’s 802 Diamond Series 2 loudspeakers in my room, never did he expect to ever part with his beloved Infinity IRS Beta loudspeaker system. 800 Diamond Series 2’s however are such beasts that when partnered correctly and setup with care and attention to detail, there are few designs out there capable of doing everything they do so well, better . Partnered in this setup with Audio Research Reference electronics (REF9 CD & REF6 LS) and driven by the stunning Jeff Roland Model 625 (now a mk2), these speakers really came into their own. Recent addition of two JL Audio F212 subwoofers made the very large listening room come alive.


System Components:

Audio Research Reference CD9

Bryston BDP-3

Audio Research Reference 6 LS Preamp

Jeff Roland 625 power amp

B&W 800 Diamond Series 2 speakers

AudioQuest Wild interconnects

AudioQuest Volcano speaker cables

Dedicated Mains feed

PS Audio power conditioning

PS Audio Power Cords

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